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The power of the blogosphere

Like it or not, blogging is becoming a seriously viable player in the news media of the 21st century. Many businesses and corporations who don’t have blogs are taking hits in ways they never expected. Individuals blog to share thoughts and ideas with others whom they may never cross paths with.

Blog (noun); a website on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities and experiences.

In our arguably impersonal society, blogs offer a way of relating and humanizing. They take news reporting and business handling a step further. They allow companies to relate to people. They allow world issues to relate to people. They allow people to relate to people. 

That’s not to say some blogs aren’t rubbish—but it’s also to say many present valid and respectable fact and opinion. My favorite blog, Thought Catalog, blogs on issues that span the spectrum. From social issues to political issues to personal issues, all thoughts are relevant, they say.

Fairly often, a Thought Catalog piece will catch my eye. It will make me think, it will inform me, it will inspire me.* Blogging is a new form of participatory journalism that gives a voice to the masses. Sure, some voices are more articulate, more informed, more compelling, or more cerebral than others—but they are all relevant.

In this form of participatory journalism, not only is the writer/blogger participating in news reporting and commentary, but the audience is also a participant. They’re actively seeking thoughtful ideas, fresh perspectives, new opinions and respectable sources from which to learn.

Like reading a book, blogs have a way of offering readers togetherness and an acceptance of universal struggles, thoughts and truths.

A few of my favorite blogs:

So next time a search engine leads you to a blog, stick around, you never know what it could offer you.

*Here’s the piece that inspired this post.



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