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TOMS brews new movement

Today, TOMS Shoes launched a new movement that aligns with their ‘One for One‘ mission.

This movement is newsworthy. Why?

TOMS Roasting Co.‘s essential goal is to provide clean drinking water for deprived countries through employing farmers and giving back to the countries who are farming TOMS coffee beans.

With every purchase of one bag of TOMS coffee, one week of clean drinking water (about 140 liters) is provided to a person in need.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Take a peek at this video:


TOMS Roasting Co. is newsworthy because it’s creating a solution for what much of the world suffers from: lack of clean water. This movement can only be successful through promotion (by news outlets and otherwise) and society’s genuine dedication to helping others.

It’s newsworthy because this movement appeals to people. It deals with the well-being of humanity. It’s a human interest issue; and possible solution to the problem.


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