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Interview Analysis

This article from The NY Times not only has great quotes but a great lede.

The lede…

This significant detail lede gracefully introduces conflict and tension.

“A brochure for the University of Michigan features a vision of multicultural harmony, with a group of students from different racial backgrounds sitting on a verdant lawn, smiling and conversing.”

What about the interview?

The article, entitled “Colorblind Notion Aside, Colleges Grapple With Racial Tension” is about the racial tension evident at the University of Michigan.

Readers can tell that the interviewer in this article asked questions beyond the basics.

A quote like this is evidence that the interviewer was able to capture voice and emotion in his interview: “When I hear people say, ‘We’re all people, we’re all human, I don’t see color,’ to me that means, ‘I don’t see you, you don’t exist,’ ” he said. Mr. Ngo, who is Chinese and gay, said he had been subjected to racist and homophobic epithets.

The interviewer was able to speak with a multitude of students, which in some cases, could be hard to find a focus from when writing a story. However, this article is successful because it has so many voices. First-person testimonials are what make this article a story.


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  1. What an interesting story. Glad you found it. I read the Atlantic piece. Well done. Then clicked into Humans of New York. Fascinating. Watched the video. Read the WSJ story and video. All great. Remind me about this. Perhaps we’ll have time to watch the Huans video in class. It’s a digital world.

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