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Danish Zoo Kills Giraffe and Feeds it to Lions

Source: USA Today

February 9, 2014

A Copenhagen zoo killed an 18-month old giraffe to prevent inbreeding, and later fed the carcass to lions. This article is newsworthy because it has the news values of impact, human interest, conflict and most significantly bizarreness. While the event as a whole is certainly negative, it sheds light on the operations and practices of foreign zoos; it has impact on the community. Conflict, because the article explains that multiple animal rights groups attempted to prevent the killing from happening. The bizarreness and newsworthiness of this story is likened to the newsworthiness of a “man-bites-dog” story rather than the common “dog-bites-man” story. People are inherently animal lovers, to read a headline claiming an animal (especially one as rare as a giraffe) had been killed compels people to read on to find out what happened–this is newsworthy.


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